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As we can see, there is a conflict here . The phenomenon of payday loans lies in their easy availability . Greater restrictions can increase security, but they can also scare away customers . So how do you protect yourself from scammers? Always check! First of all, you should carefully check the data sent by the client . And it’s not just about intity theft. Another reason may be missell . It is a mismatch of the product with the customer – his nes and capabilities. In the loan industry, unfortunately, missell is a common practice, which ultimately leads to the customer’s insolvency. If we offer another loan to an unemploy and inbt person, there is a high  activities will not be successful.

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This mistake appear to be ma by Wonga, who then resort to fraudulent letters of urg btors. Thus, in orr to counteract both fraud and prict the product’s inaquacy to the customer, it is worth collect data about our interlocutors and carefully check Chile Mobile Number List the leads that come to the company. For this purpose, we may use tools and new technologies that will help us collect this data. The orr in the information about the client who has already contact us, for example, gives a big advantage. We can then tect fraud much faster or know what offer to send to our interlocutor. The financial and insurance industry is on the verge of digital transformation due to the change in the profile of the morn customer.

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Flow and dynamic velopment of mobile technologies, customers perceive their interactions with the companies whose services they ne differently. While bank in Poland has already start its transformation, the financial and insurance industry, not only UK Email Database in Poland, but also in the world, is still fac major changes . Researchers at EY Global warn that if the financial and insurance industry does not implement changes quickly, new players will emerge that will take over the market in a similar way to Amazon, which has master global retail.

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