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If you operat only on classifiers, you would have a problem – over a hundr calls to people who do not want it. Your system just sav you % of your last year’s revenue. Recipients who do not agree to be contact by phone and present with commercial offers are the everyday work of telemarketers and service offices. There are more and more such people, and the laws protecting against the so-call unsolicit commercial information are increasingly restrictive. How to stay on the bright si of the law, not to lose potential and existing customers, and not to face severe penalties? Unsolicit commercial information over the phone. Everything is ready. You have a perfectly profil base, a product that perfectly meets the nes of experienc consultants.

Spite this contact sometimes ends

With a polite but firm “don’t call me.” The consultant hangs up the phone, writes “do not call” in the notes. Two days later, another consultant calls the same customer and offers him the same product. The client recalls that he ask not to call and just Exit Mobile Phone Numbers as politely and firmly refuses again. The consultant hangs up, now seeing that in his haste he overlook the “do not call” note in the notes. Next Monday, the client who was call again about the same matter is not so polite, but still firm. If you’re lucky and you manage the conversation well, you’ll end up with an apology. If you are not lucky you will lose customers. And % of the revenue. Several scenarios are possible: A dissatisfi customer will want nothing to do with your company.

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You lose customer and potential income

You will lose more than just this customer – dissatisfi, he will share his frustration with others. On average, it will scare off ten , but maybe twenty. Your would-be client will notify the Office of Competition and Consumer UK Email Database Protection. And for “onerous and not caus by the consumer’s action or omission, persuading to purchase products over the phone” ( in human terms – calling with unsolicit commercial information) there is a penalty of up to % of the company’s revenue from the previous year. % of your last year’s income – can you afford it? You could spend this % on investments in the company, new equipment, additional workstations.

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