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Google Ads affect SEO Myth Google Ads are not ne for offline businesses Myth Paid ads are too expensive Summary Google Ads – basic information Before we get into stereotypes, let’s first look at what Google Ads actually is Generally speaking, it is a paid system that allows you to create various types of advertising campaigns, in the Google search engine, the advertising network or YouTube. It was creat on October , , its name was initially Google AdWords. Currently, this solution is available in languages. Paid ad types available Google Ads has several different types of campaigns Thanks to this, it is possible to choose the one that will be most effective in the context of a specific goal.

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As follows Search campaigns consist of displaying a text ad at the very top of Google search results when a user enters a term relat to your business. It consists of a header a description line. They should be appropriately adapt to the specifics of the business Ghana Phone Number List so as to encourage visitors to visit the website. Product campaigns are us to expose products increase their sales. These ads appear at the top of search results after a user enters a keyword into the search engine. They contain the name photo of the product, its price the store it comes from. Visual campaigns , display ads, display in the Google partner network. They take the graphic form that appears to users when they browse the website.

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Provid by Google. Video campaigns are short advertising videos that are display on YouTube before or while watching content post on it. These ads can be both skippable non-skipable. The platform allows you to add a link to the video, after which the user UK Email Database  will be transferr to the advertiser’s website. App campaigns , as the name suggests, are us to advertise apps available on the Google Play Store or the App Store. These advertisements may appear in the search engine, YouTube or the Google Display Network. They are usually creat automatically bas on available information about the application add text image suggestions. Google provides a lot of support material about its paid advertising system.

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