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Three mols of Focus AI operation in handl tickets interpretation of the content of email notifications in orr to create response templates for various types of notifications. pend on their content and their automatic classification automation of responses to a certain type of requests enter into an inpennt, automatic. dialogue with the pool of requests us templates. that do not require the intervention of a consultant fill gaps in the service process by analyz the crosssection of requests and eliminat the most common problems that you may not have even known about Benefits of implement Focus AI Increas the level of automation of the ticket handl process fewer consultants’ interventions of the work previously done manually automat.

Significant acceleration of request

Handl by shorten the process and eliminat the ne to directly handle a certain pool of inquiries and thus increas the quality of service. Service personalization free consultants’ powers thanks to the automation of processes and rirect their activities to Ukraine Mobile Number List areas that require nonstandard interventions. Replac employees with a bot at certain stages of processes, such as notification classification, allows, pend on the amount of incom content, to free up from several to even several dozen FTEs for other, more valuable tasks. At the same time, ruc the reactionresponse time from hours to minutes . In the assist mol, Focus AI ruces the time ne to handle the query even several times.

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This is possible due to the fact

That the consultant already receives preprocess content along with complet script fields and a propos response template. He does not have to search for information or build the content of the response himself, which increases his comfort of work UK Email Database and the spe of response. Focus AI, thanks to analytical mols, also allows you to gain knowlge about potential errors and bottlenecks in processes. Such knowlge is the key to unrstand the dynamics of various processes and gives the opportunity to take optimization actions simplify and increas the efficiency of processes . The coronavirus crisis will pass, and good solutions, especially those relat to digital technologies, will stay with us for longer.

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