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Contents We all know how important it is to. Create a proper business plan. You will (hopefully) never dream of starting a new. Business if you don’t have a business plan. Surprisingly, many of us don’t put enough effort into creating a strong marketing strategy. What’s the point of investing so. Much time and money in building and creating a new business if you don’t get any customers?, you have to be active and find them and let them know that you exist. The only way to achieve this is to create a strong marketing strategy. Contents Preparation and planning of marketing strategy According to a study conducte by Smart Insights , 46% of brands do not have a define digital. Marketing strategy, and 16% have a strategy but have not yet implemente it.

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This means that more than half of businesses don’t get as much attention and customers as they could, and that’s only because people don’t know they database exist yet. If you don’t have a marketing strategy, you run the risk of creating a directionless business, wasting money on channels that don’t produce results and losing potential customers to your competitors. Fortunately, your own marketing strategy. Here are the four steps you nee to create a marketing strategy that works. Developing a marketing strategy Know your target customer! When creating a marketing strategy, the first step is to know who your marketing is aime at. In this way, it is possible to ensure that your marketing efforts are focuse and that you benefit from your investment.


Creating a buyer persona

One common way is to create a buyer persona . By, you can be sure that you are marketing to people who are really intereste in what you have to UK Email Database offer. Otherwise, your marketing strategy is equivalent to a man in a cardboard box on the street, shouting at random people through a loudspeaker. Anyone want to join in for a bit? Think about what your ideal client would look like.

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