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Sharing in the top post a short video that portrays italian couples and families facing quarantine with a smile. Wella . On its wella professional facebook channel. Also promot several #onhair clips . Receiving positive feback and comments. With a dual intent: on the one hand the entertainment of its audience. On the other the information and training dicat to both the staff wella and professionals in the sector. The miv® generat by the brand was €568k with a total of 86 posts. And finally bulgari . One of the italian brands that together with others has been on the front line for covid-19 by producing a hand sanitizing gel. Promot the initiative on social mia and beyond.

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This not only helps give brands greater legitimacy in terms of products. But also increases cribility from their customers – and social mia is the perfect place to do this. 42% of brands plan to include tiktok in their influencer marketing strategy tiktok’s u.S. Revenue (user spending) for the week of march 16 was $1.1 million. Up 34% from the previous month . This increase is business lead  largely due to the fact that a very high percentage of the world’s population is in lockdown and seeking entertainment digitally. The popularity of tiktok.

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Content that tells a story. And more natural and engaging actions. Honest. 56.3% of brands will choose their customers as influencers the likes of glossier and drunk elephant have pav the way for brands to choose their customers as influencers. Filling fes with shoppers ready to share their experience. Many fashion. Luxury and beauty brands have start to see the value in this by following suit. “I think seeing glossier. With its 2m+ followers. Share posts from consumers. Whether they are UK Email Database influencers or not. Demonstrates the importance the brand places on people and communities. That’s not to say that influencer marketing isn’t useful – but I think the two complement each other.” says tania syan. A glossier customer who collaborat on the brand’s page.

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