How to improve your lead scoring system

If you’re not sure which behaviors should be graded, don’t be afraid to ask your sales team for advice . The latter is probably the best informed about the behaviors adopted by the prospects most likely to become customers. If not, why not ask your customers directly  ? What prompted them to buy your products or request your services? mWrite down the most important behaviors! In addition to these 2 methods, also identify the actions taken by your prospects before making the purchase, using Google Analytics .

 Assign a score to each behavior

My advice  : enable user activity tracking with Tag Manager . Note  : don’t forget to define the behaviors that indicate a lack of interest or disengagement from your prospects. Indeed, a hot prospect can become “cold” overnight. So these are negative ratings.

To score a behavior, ask yourself if it indicates a likelihood of conversion.

It is indeed common to meet a lead who Austria Phone Number List subscribes to a newsletter just because he likes the content of a website, and not because he intends to buy something…

In addition, it is rare that a prospect who signs up for a free trial or requests a demo does not proceed with the purchase if your products correspond to their expectations…

Therefore, it is more appropriate to assign a higher rating to a free trial registration than to a subscription to your newsletter.

To sum up, the probability of conversion is the indicator that is most important.

Determine the level of points qualifying a prospect

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Before moving on to the last step, you need to determine the point level that makes a prospect qualified, that is, the level at which a prospect is ready to buy.

With your scoring system in place, the final step is to determine hot leads.

To do this, add up the points awarded to each lead.

Of course, those who have reached UK Email Database the predefined point level qualify.

Then all you have to do is create a solid follow-up plan to convert them into customers:

Drip marketing is an inbound marketing technique that involves contacting prospects or customers with an automated sequence of multiple emails .

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