How to do testing in front end projects

A report on front-end performance optimization and improvement suggestions. If it is useful to you, welcome to bookmark and forward it . The shell script path: measure01 ~ directory, test sh file Next, execute this shell script to implement concurrent pressure testing on multiple interfaces. Execute the command: sh test sh 4. Stress measurement data and report results relat Indicator viewing part. After the wrk tool performs pressure measurement, the throughput is view 2. Monitor and view the graph to view Performance Test View Metrics CPU part: cpu util about 63% QPS. throughput comparison what kind of throughput is reasonable.

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If the comparison is with lua script add, compare the throughput change under the same request. Front-end projects , also known as web-side projects commonly speaking, functions on web pages, are experiences that we can see and interact USA Cell Phone Number List with on the screen.  To clarify this problem, you first ne to have a global understanding of the test process . First, the previous test flow chart: Next, we will restore a complete testing process from the requirements stage – development stage – testing stage – release stage . Note: How to test the front-end project is explain in detail in the “testing stage” in the above four links.

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Demand stage After the project start, the product students put forward several requirements. After the requirements review, the product requirements plan and iterative document were finally given. At this stage, the testing and development students UK Email Database will participate in the requirements review. During the requirements review process, the development students will start to think about how to do it. As a test, if there is something you don’t understand, you should bring it up in time, so that the product manager can give a clearer answer. Finally, after the requirements review and clarification, we understand the details of the requirements.


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