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Everyth within the call center – customer service office. FOCUS TELECOM POLAND It has been operat in the ICT industry since . It specializes in sign, velop and provid customers with its own innovative products and services for call center and contact center support. Environment friendly. Join today and start sav and protect the environment with us. FOCUS TELECOM POLSKA, ALL RIGHTS RESERV We collect cookies MoreI acceptData security and constant availability of services is an absolute necessity for every company. Every cloud service provir boasts of security, but what should you pay special attention to when you care about the security of your contact center? The contact center must be secure.

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Service that processes valuable data – yours, your partners and your customers. If you want your contact center to meet the highest securit. Sstandards and effectively resist network and physical threats, read on. Cloud versus stationary solutions – is your Singapore Mobile Number List contact center secure? Let’s start with the myth that has. Grown up around the security of cloud solutions (or rather the alleg lack of security). There is no solution that is % immune to every threat. Someone can break into a cloud solution, but also physically take your laptop with valuable data. Even completely disconnect the system from the network (which is impractical and even unrealistic nowadays) does not protect it from an attack.

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Effective hack into such systems

Known – the attacker simply had to “get close” to the employee with access to the system, gain his trust and receive the data. A similar mechanism as in the infamous “granddaughter. Method – the victim gives the criminal the money himself. Benefits of UK Email Database the cloud accord to IT managers – faster access, scalability, availability The realities of runn a business today require the spe and flexibility that only the cloud can provi. Institutions and companies that have migrat to the cloud weigh all the pros and cons and cid that the benefits far outweigh the risks.

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