How do you know if it’s time to redesign your logo

In an ocean of services and products, it is important to stand out on search engines. Would you let your car’s paint chip? The same goes for a logo, you have to take care of it. Since your SEO ranking is the key to your success on the Internet, your logo must stand out on Google Images or on social networks. While transmitting adequate information, it must attract the eye of visitors both by its aesthetic qualities and the effectiveness of its graphics. If you don’t make that little effort to stand out, your competitors will.

Does your logo match your brand

It’s possible that you created your logo a bit in a hurry, thinking that you could always come back to it one day.

It is also possible that your product or services have evolved over the years.

In both cases, your logo is Saudi Arabia Phone Number List certainly no longer faithful to your message.

So don’t wait any longer, review the design of your brand identity.

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To  create a logo , whether for content marketing or SEO purposes, clearly define your purpose and how to reflect it through your design.

  • For example, do you want to give your brand a younger and more modern image?
  • Do you want to simplify its appearance?

Likewise, do you want to adapt the logo to UK Email Database mobile formats (smartphone and tablet)?

As a study  published on BroadbandSearch indicates , mobile devices are increasingly taking precedence over the computer and require special formatting.

Be aware that a logo that is not adapted to the right format is likely to end up in the abyss of search engines.


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