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Then you need to specify what type it is ( inquiry or complaint). Does it relate to any previous reports from this client? Or is it a new th? How fast does it need to be taken care of. And who will do it? And then you have to keep an eye on the timeliness of service. When dozens. Hundreds or even thousands of requests come in every week, also via various. Communication channels, an appropriate tool is necessary to handle them. Focus sk is a response to the real needs of companies – says. Michał Misiak, CTO Focus Telecom. Servic customers who call, e-mail and chat, often send one request twice through different channels, is complicated and time-consum.

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Application that organizes and improves. Communication with customers. How does the ticket system work? The ticket system automatically registers every contact from customers and reminds about its handl, thanks to which there is no possibility Indian Phone Number List that any. Notification will be “missed”. Handl each request is assigned to a given employee, which facilitates team. Work management and prevents mishaps. If a customer sends an e-mail about a given issue and then. Writes in the same topic in the chat, both reports will be combined in the system into one thread. It will no longer happen, for example, that two consultants separately contact one client about the same matter, caus his irritation.

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The customer contacts the company in the same period on various matters, for example, regard a change in the terms of the contract, report a fect and plac a new orr. An employee al with a given request has access to the entire history of contacts with UK Email Database the client, which greatly facilitates his work. In addition, the ticket system “watches over” the timeliness of ticket handl – through the notification mechanism, it reminds you when the time for both the first response to contact from the client and the final closure of the case is approach. All activities can be called automation in customer service processes , because it relieves the service team from the need to perform many tedious, repetitive activities.

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