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Works differently. and. consequently. the potential customer who uses these channels also behaves differently: Google: people search for information. The m.ia is anchor. in permission marketing. The user asks. and the search engine offers the answers (sponsor. or not); Facebook: people don’t search. They are impact.. It’s interruption m.ia. The user is browsing and receives an ad on the social network. Note that. if us. incorrectly. these m.ia channels hardly yield results. It is crucial to consider how the tool works and also the behavior of users. Therefore. we follow some premises to guarantee the best results. Guidelines for Facebook Ads present images of the works (cr.ibility); offer quick contact channels (Whatsapp and Facebook itself); focus on the persona’s common pain (leaving the rent. not living with the mother-in-law. etc.); monitor comments and offer direct service on the platform; work geolocation.

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Google Ads Guidelines prioritize regional search intentions; work regional keywords; target ads by region; improve quality index (avoid auction); explain differences in advertisements (location. payment conditions. etc.). M.ia mix Early on. it became clear that Facebook brought a much higher volume of leads. but Google brought more qualifi. contacts. The fact is that in a sale where the cycle is very long (up to 3 months). the potential customer ends up interacting with several channels before making a decision. Therefore. we maintain. the two channels in parallel. always optimizing  special data  the indicators of each one and seeking to guide the integrat. return of each m.ia. Adjustments and optimizations Adjustments and optimizations The big difference between purchas. digital m.ia and traditional m.ia (billboard. magazine.

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TV. etc.) is the measurement capacity: click indicators. click rate. cost per click. among others. But. more UK Email Database  than that. it’s the opportunity to use these numbers to improve the campaign month after month. In other words. there is no point in creating landing pages. activating ads and leaving them running without monitoring the results. You may get lucky and make a return this way. but it is very likely that a lot of optimization potential (and more sales) will be wast. if there is no measurement and continuous improvements. Monitor. indicators: cost per click (Google Ads and Facebook Ads); click rate (Google Ads and Facebook Ads); conversion rate (landing pages); cost per conversion (landing pages). Continuous optimization actions.

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