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Thus, episodic volunteering can be plac between micro-volunteering long-term volunteering ( Cnaan et al. ). It is a particularly attractive form for young people, as well as young specialists focus on professional velopment or combining a professional career with family responsibilities (cf. Hy et al Although critics alarm that volunteering is losing its importance (“shrinking” of the sphere), many studies show that we are aling not so much with “limiting” activities for the benefit of others, but with a greater variety of ways of volunteering.

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Campaign Action of the Polin Museum Online volunteering, micro-volunteering or episodic volunteering do not stop people from engaging in “traditional” forms of volunteering, on the contrary, it encourages further, differentiat social Latvia Mobile Number List involvement. Interestingly, the research group even coin the term “civic omnivore” to scribe young social workers who engage in many fields, in various forms of volunteering activism (Hustinx et al. ) Nevertheless, new forms of volunteering require more flexibility from the organization often a change in the way of communication coordination of volunteering. Trend Slacktivism Slacktivism eng.

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Slacktivism  from the words slack

Lazy activism – activismis a type of social or political activism carri out via the Internet, which usually does not require much involvement from the participants. An example of slacticism is, for example, sharing texts on social mia, changing “overlays” on profile photos, signing e-petitions or joining members of social UK Email Database organizations (without active participation in their statutory activities). Sign the petition to all political parties to inclu child safety in their electoral programs! An appeal to sign the petition of the Empowering Children Foundation What are the most frequently mention pros cons of this type of involvement? Slacktivism pluses minuses Bas on journalistic texts scientific research Foster et al. Read on How to help effectively on Facebook? For a month we have been observing an amazing aid uprising in Pol. Hundrs of thouss of us join in women men seeking shelter from the war.

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