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Screaming Frog Summary The best free tools for SEO professionals Among the SEO programs, there are those for which you do not have to pay. However, this does not mean that they are useless or insufficient. On the contrary – when us skilfully, they can provide specialists with a lot of useful information. The most popular free SEO tools are provid by Google itself. These include Google Search Console, Google Analytics Keyword Planner These solutions are so important that it is currently hard to imagine running efficient processes of  them.

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So let’s take a closer look at them. Google Search Console Let’s start with the basics – what is Google Search Console (GSC) It is a tool that allows you to constantly monitor your website’s position in Google searches. In addition, it provides a lot of other Singapore Phone Number List information relevant to SEO, such as traffic on the website, problems with indexation or other irregularities. Currently, as the only tool, it shows specific key phrases enter by people who have enter the website. To use Google Search Console, as well as other tools from Google, it is only requir to have an account in this search engine.

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In order to add a service to GSC, select its type service with URL prefix; domain service; or services on Google servers. setting up an account in Google Search Console It is worth noting that its activation will only be possible after prior verification, by UK Email Database sending an HTML file. Google provides a lot of support material about this tool, thanks to which you can get valuable tips to help you use it. In addition, a great advantage of this solution is the ability to add up to services on one account Google Analytics Another free tool we present is Google Analytics (GA ). It the behavior of users of a given website. It allows to check how many people visit your website or from what sources they came to it.

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