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Analysis of key phrases using available tools There are many free paid keyword research tools available online. One of the most popular ones is the free Google Keyword Planner To be able to use it, you only ne to have an account in the Google Ads system. You can use two options on it Explore new keywords Know the search volume forecast The first one will allow you to enter a few phrases relat to your products or services, bas on which you will get a list of additional suggestions their average monthly number of searches. You can also choose the language area where you want to check these phrases. However, using the second section, you can check the forecast of the monthly number of searches for a given keyword.

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The Public In the basic version, it allows you to perform up to three analyzes per day. You can do it both after creating an account without it. After entering a word selecting the country language, suggestions in the form of questions, general phrases those with a long Greece Phone Number List tail will be display. If you ne the premium version, you will have to pay $ per month. Paid tools Senuto Ahrefs are also extremely popular tools Both of them are paid, but they offer many useful options not only in terms of keyword analysis. Senuto has a Keyword Database, with which you can check the average monthly number of searches for specific phrases, as well as collect similar suggestions.

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To your preferences Just select them then add them to a new group. Using Senuto, you can also check which phrases your competition is positioning for Just enter the address of any domain in the Visibility analysis section. The cheapest package of this tool UK Email Database costs per month, but there are also more advanc options that will allow you to perform more actions. Ahrefs, on the other h, provides its users with the Keywords Explorer option. It will also provide you with suggestions for new, synonymous phrases that are generat on the basis of specific words. In addition, you can check the “word difficulty”, an estimate of how difficult it will be for a given phrase to rank in the TOP of organic results.

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