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These functions are easy to set up in the panel from which the PBX is operat and involve a simple configuration of the service. It is therefore the complete opposite of a stationary exchange, which we have already discuss in point . Better information The virtual switchboard also gives much greater opportunities to inform the client. In addition to the standard functions, the possibility of leav a message on the voicemail or inform the client about the consultants’ work hours, there is also the IVR system, which we have already mention. IVR , interactive voice response, is an interactive service for our interlocutor.

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Choose the path that the client will go through, authorization, rirection (also pend on the date and time, on holidays), announcement and its playback , set the appropriate music while wait for the connection (so-call MOH ) or fine a reaction operation Estonia Mobile Number List to an error ( in choos a given option) of the interlocutor. That’s pretty much it for now, but there’s probably more to come. For example, we’ve already said that a PBX is a cheaper solution than a landline exchange, but don’t take our word for it. Accord to research by telecommunication equipment suppliers, this savs ranges from to % for maintenance alone. In addition, there is no cost of the equipment itself and its installation.

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Such a solution is also much better, but you may want to check this information yourself. In this case, check out the useful resources that cover the topic in more tail.Are you wonr how to prepare an effective IVR menu ? We have a checklist for you that UK Email Database will make prepar such a menu much easier. By collect all the necessary materials and velop processes in advance – and there are not many of them – you will save time and nerves dur the implementation of the system. A properly built IVR will be a key element of the virtual telephone exchange and the basis of service in your company. It will certainly save time and money and increase customer satisfaction.

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