Has Social Media Growth Stalled E-commerce Sales?

The man by nature is a social animal, and if there is anything that man can never stop, it is the fact that man can never stop being social. Right from the point when it was stated that man lived in the state of nature, a man was social and so there is always that drive in man to want to interact with fellow men.

In otherwise, E-commerce is another genre of life that has changed the way that people buy things all around the world. Gone are those days when you have to go to buy things in physical stores. In recent times and because of the advent of the internet, people can now buy things on the online web, pay for it, and also have it delivered to their doorsteps. It is pretty easy.

The question that would have been more appropriate for this article is the fact that social media has helped to boost E-commerce sales and not stall it. E-commerce sales can never be stalled and this is because it saves people from the hassle of having to walk into a crowded supermarket. It allows them to buy whatever it is that they want to buy, for example, Instagram likes, from the tips of their fingernails.

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