This Huge Market Has More Than Vendors

Toyosu Fish Market opened in October 2018. It replaces the old Tsukiji Fish Market as the largest fish market in Japan and the world . Toyosu Market is located about two kilometers east of the original location of Tsukiji.

Everything from common fish like tuna to exotic delicacies like sea urchin and whale. Toyosu also boasts dozens of sushi restaurants, as well as its famous early-morning tuna auction , a must-experience for many visitors to Tokyo.

Table of Contents 1 How to get to Toyosu market

3 Tuna auctions 4 Shops and restaurants 5 Other Database things to do in Toyosu 6 From Toyosu Market to Tsukiji Market 7 Visiting hours and price How to get to Toyosu Market Toyosu Market is located in the Odaiba district.

From any of the stations on the JR Yamanote Line , such as Tokyo Station , you can get to Shimbashi Station . From there, take the Yurikamome Skytrain to Shijo-mae Station.

The Toyosu buildings are directly connected to the nearby Shijo-mae station via a roof. You can use your Japan Rail Pass to travel on any train on the Yamanote Line , but the Yurikamome Skytrain is not included in the pass.

Despite Its Name The Market is Closer to Shijo-mae Station


Toyosu Market Facilities Toyosu is Almost Twice the UK Email Database Size of Tsukiji Market. Therefore, It is Still the Largest Fish Market in the World.

It is Made Up of Three Buildings. Connected by Walkways. The Wholesale Fish Market, the Fish Market Sold. By Intermediaries, and the Fruit and Vegetable Market.

This area also has a representation of the largest tuna ever sold in the market: a piece from 1986 that weighed almost 500 kilograms. There is also the possibility of guided tours through independent local guides.

You can even attend a sushi-making workshop as part of the experience. There are more than 40 food stalls located in the wholesale fish buildings , near the tuna auction venue, and above the market.

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