Harajuku Travel Guide Tokyo’s Fashion District

Around the Harajuku station, in Tokyo, we find the area known as Harajuku. It is Popularly Known as the Center of Japan’s Most Extravagant Fashion Styles and Teen Culture , and as Such Attracts Crowds of Young People From All Over Japan and the World.

The Most Important Area of ​​the Famous. Harajuku Style is Takeshita Dori. Or Takeshita Street. Along With Its Side Streets. Which Are Full of Shops. Restaurants and Food Stalls.

However, Harajuku is not just a place of youthful fantasy

It is also home to historical sites and adult Whatsapp Mobile Number List shopping malls . If you plan to visit this district of Tokyo , allow the following travel guide to show you all the opportunities that Harajuku has to offer. Discover everything there is to do in and around Harajuku, from fashion to unique animal encounters.

The Japan Rail Pass makes getting to this area of ​​Tokyo as easy as it is affordable. The Japanese term “kawaii” can be translated as “cute”, “adorable” or “pretty”. From Hello Kitty to Lolita fashion with its pastel colors, ribbons and bows, kawaii fashion is just a small variation on Harajuku style.

A Kawaii favorite is LaForet Harajuku , a seven-story shopping complex that houses more than 100 fashion stores and a museum. LaForet is designed to appeal to both girls and teens. Harajuku style For decades, Harajuku has been the epicenter of unconventional clothing styles.

Beginning with kawaii in the 1970s Harajuku styles have grown to include gothic elements

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Alongside big-name brands like American Eagle, H&M, and Otaku. The vintage style has become popular within the Harajuku aesthetic. harajuku fashion Takenoko Boutique UK Email Database has been popularized as “a history lesson in Harajuku style.

This store has it all, from punk fashion to Kawaii Lolita. Takenoko was the clothing store that dressed many music and dance groups from the 70s and 80s. Things to do in Harajuku Harajuku is home to a rich history that includes one of the most important shrines in Tokyo.

The Meiji Jingu, or Meiji Shrine , is located in the vast Yoyogi Park . Around it is also the Togo Shrine , a modern Shinto shrine. Art lovers will enjoy the ukiyo-e paintings at the Ota Memorial Art Museum and the collection of Asian art at the Nezu Museum.

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