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Advertising activities in Google Ads, only half of them defin. This means that half of the ad accounts did not measure the business results of their actions. Step – Check the structure of the Account. In the case of plann activities in accordance with the adopt strategy, the structure of the Google Ads account should be built in such a way that it is possible to “read” this strategy be able to extract data from what the campaign will generate. The structure should also be flexible in order to be able to easily introduce changes resulting from the lessons learn. Here the list of things to verify is definitely longer. To check your account structure in Google Ads, verify Breakdown of campaigns by type (search network, display network, remarketing, dynamic search ads, youtube, etc.

Types of Google Ads campaigns

This is very important. Because if you use several different types of targeting in one campaign, it will be difficult for you to assess the effectiveness of advertising activities. In addition, there is a risk that you will draw incorrect conclusions from the collect Romania Phone Number List data; Types of Google Ads campaigns – Source Google Ads panel Campaign naming – Check if the campaign names us are transparent, so that every person entering the account knows what is inside each campaign. It is important that the naming allows easy sorting filtering of data. Consider using shortcuts that make it easier to work with your account GSN – Google Search Network search network.

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Google Display Network advertising

Network DSA – Dynamic Search Ads. Dynamic ads in the search network); REM – remarketing; SPLA – Smart Shopping Campaigns; Do you know that Most audit Google Ads accounts do not. Maintain proper naming. As a result, people entering the account do UK Email Database not underst the marketing strategy it is difficult for them to. Analyze data from the campaign. In addition, the situation describ in the first point often occurs, where the. Advertisement in one campaign is direct to the search network the advertising network at the same time. Step – Check the keywords in the campaigns. The essence of targeting Google Ads on the search network are the keywords that search engine users type.

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