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With this method you can inform users about anything send welcome emails to new subscribers introducing them to the assortment of the store; talk about discounts promotions; inform about transactional operations order status payment delivery. But first you ne to make sure that everything is technically prepar for sending emails. Mail must be register on the corporate domain DKIM SPF DMARC must be configur a mailing service must be select. No less important is the work with the address base. If there is a finish one but it has not been us for a long time it is worth cleaning everything.

When working with email newsletters

Do not forget to analyze your target audience competitive stores. This will give you an idea of ​​what your customers ne how to fill their nes. Example Email newsletter for an online store Additional tools for promoting an online store If you want to take Uganda Phone Number List everything from online store advertising you can add the following options to the strategy Audio advertising It is suitable for informing a wide range of audience about discounts special offers etc. Native advertising In simple words disguis as ordinary material. Often these are blog articles small promotional notes on a popular page so on. Announcements in Telegram channels It is especially worth using the method for those who have a store in this messenger.

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You can use business accounts WhatsApp

To advertise the site There are a lot of options. conclusions All of the above channels will be useful for promoting your commercial website. We have describ their advantages disadvantages not because you ne to choose one thing but to help you effectively UK Email Database combine tools with each other. The best result can be achiev only if you use advertising channels in a complex way. For example SEO allows you to optimize pages for users. If after improvements you launch a search advertising campaign for those queries that have not yet been able to increase in organic you can significantly save your budget due to the high relevance of pages to ad queries.

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