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Repeat private contact usually means that the customer expects this contact, so even if he did not answer we should try to connect with him in a few minutes, and only after the next attempt move it further in time. Mistake Voicemail tection Misclassification of a human as an automaton AMD (Answer Machine tection, or simply voicemail tection ) is a popular function support the work of consultants. AMD’s goal is to automatically recognize and terminate voicemail calls before they are rout to a consultant. The AMD function analyzes the first seconds of the connection. The best solutions on the market achieve repeatable efficiency of over.

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Time is seconds, but in simpler cases (which is of calls) it drops to second. However, it should be remember that the most common mistake in us this function is poor monitor of its algorithm. We should remember to monitor not only how many Sri Lanka Mobile Number List voicemails were correctly tect, but above all, what is the percentage of incorrectly qualify a human as an automaton. If the latter parameter is high, it means that we not only have a badly us database, but also ma empty” contacts that may expose us to legal consequences. Handl calls to voicemails.

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With an automatic machine and end the call) is finitely worth tak off the shoulrs of consultants, and preferably completely eliminat, but you certainly ne to keep your fer on the pulse and follow the parameters. Mistake Repeat calls to the same UK Email Database number in one day Call the same number dozens of times in one day will not br any results. Most often, bt collection employees are painfully convinc of this , but this problem is also no stranger to telemarket. If the person we’re call feels too much pressure, they may stop answer the phone or add the number to their block list. Most often, contact center managers want the team to perform a specific pool of contact attempts as soon as possible.

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