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Google analytics Advantages of GA One of the main advantages of GA is the ability to integrate with other Google tools , such as Google Ads or Google Tag Manager. This makes it easier to manage advertising track marketing activities. However, it is worth asking yourself what distinguishes Google Analytics from its precessor? Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of this tool Google Analytics provides better real-time reporting , allowing you to make faster business decisions bas on up-to-date data. GA also offers new features such as multiple path conversion analysis automatic detection of website issues that may impact business results.

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Allows you to combine website data mobile applications in one place This is a particular advantage of GA in the case of companies operating in these two areas at the same time. Google Analytics will also allow you to create more precise remarketing due to Cyprus Phone Number List the fact that it takes into account both the activities of users on the website applications. What does this mean in practice? For example, when a person has add a product to the cart in the GA application, it allows them to be includ in remarketing campaigns, on a desktop. How to create a GA account in a few simple steps? Go to analytics.

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Google then sign in to your Google account, Click the ” the name of your company or website, setting up an account on Google Analytics Then configure the service by completing the data with the reporting time zone the appropriate currency, Google Analytics UK Email Database configuration Optionally, fill in information about your company, company information in Google Analytics Read the GA Terms of Service. To proce to the next stage, you must accept them, acceptance of the terms of the Google Analytics service Click the “Create” button, Then copy the tracking code paste it into your website . The easiest way is to use Google Tag Manager to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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