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Apps available in AppExchange really have one goal to increase your efficiency. Some do it by automating simple activities, while others provi. Completely new functions that the standard version of Salesforce does not have. It is worth noting that a lot of. Applications are available for free (each application has information whether a given extension is paid). Image source salesforce In this article, we will show you ten of our select apps that will help you in your daily work and achieve your goals. Salesforce integrations that cannot be missing in your CRM PARDOT The first tool will be appreciat by B B companies.

Pardot makes it easy to collect

Velop leads The basic functions of the tool focus on areas. Such as marketing, lead scoring and nurturing, reporting and analysis of the effectiveness of actions. Pardot also allows you to track all potential customer interactions on your Bulgaria Mobile Number List website, from downloads of shar documents to pageviews. This allows for a better unrstanding of potential customers and their nes. With this knowlge, you’ll be able to create more effective, personaliz campaigns. image source GETFEBACK Customer feback often has a big impact on the success of a business.

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With GetFeback you can easily

Find out what customers think about your company. GetFeback allows you to create and distribute surveys to customers using such survey techniques as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Customer Effort UK Email Database Score (CES). Importantly, GetFeback allows you to collect feback through various channels ( through the website, mobile application, text messages, chat and s). Once you have gather information from your customers, it can be easily analyz to draw the right conclusions on what nes to be improv in your business. image source DOCUSIGN We mention this plugin in the Salesforce timesaving features article . We invite you to read this post.

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