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What matters is User Experience (UX) – TOP recommendations A statistical mobile customer browses products or services using a smartphone in the break between other activities, operating the vice with one hand. His attention is usually dispers to a number of different activities only occasionally focuses on something specific. That is why it is so important to achieve high efficiency at the level of proper adjustment to its nes. Below is a list of recommendations to improve User Experience. . Adding to favorites without registration . The main action visible on the first screen (above the fold) . Appropriate keyboard in text fields . Errors mark not only in color . Filter status visible Customers want fast websites – TOP spe recommendations The smartphone on which mobile purchases are ma has an average screen x smaller than the sktop.

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Difficulty is a slow internet connection or even no internet connection – for example when traveling. In view of the growing popularity of the m-commerce channel, it is necessary to abandon the approach according to which the mobile is treat as a ‘second category’ thing sign test this tool with the same care as a traditional sktop. In orr for the user Romania Mobile Number List browsing the offer to become a customer of the company, it is crucial to improve the operation of the mobile versions of the store. Thanks to the conduct audits, it was possible to distinguish the top recommendations that improve the spe of the mobile store:Gui to Black Friday in B B e-commerce Nov / min The American holiday of commerce, which until recently was associat mainly with retail purchases, is entering the market more more boldly.

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Business customers prefer to do business online shopping. Your e-commerce platform should therefore be ready for a period of increas traffic, which can last from Black Friday to the post-holiday sales. We all love bargains make emotional purchasing UK Email Database cisions (even if we like to think we’re purely rational). Every customer – whether business or retail – is, above all, a human being. Therefore, tactics that work in B C can also be successfully us in B B sales. However, before you start planning your marketing strategy for Black Friday, make sure that your e-commerce can withstthe sudn onslaught of customers. [gui] How to prepare for Black Friday in Checklist DOWNLOAD Prepare e-commerce for the period of increas traffic In the best case.

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