frequently asked questions about the interest of a popup store for an e-commerce site

First determine your goals. Some goals are not viable for a pop-up store. If your results are mixed on the Internet or if your finances are not very stable, it is strongly advised not to open its pop-up store. How to best prepare for the opening of a pop-up store? In order to put the odds on your side, start by carrying out market research. Thus, you make sure that your customers will be there. Then find the ideal place that meets all your criteria.

What is the best way to promote a pop-up store

There are many commercial operations to set up. On the digital side, newsletters, advertisements and paid referencing with geographical targeting, contests or even appeal to influencers… Physical operations are also highly anticipated Hong Kong Phone Number List around the store, with the distribution of flyers or an article in a specialized magazine. But the best way to make your pop-up store a success is through word of mouth. Get your customers to recommend you: organize a contest, offer an attractive discount or even offer an extraordinary experience to your customers.

Print and digital displays

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The video format is of course the most used . Of course, it is declined on different communication media. The trailers are mainly broadcast in cinemas, at the start of each session, but also on the Internet. The teaser is a very short video format , which rarely UK Email Database exceeds 30 seconds. They are usually released very early in a film’s promotional campaign. Their diffusion in the cinema costs less than a trailer of 2 minutes. Only big budget movies use this format. Its purpose is to get word of mouth started. Conversely, trailers are generally more than a minute and can sometimes reach 3  minutes .


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