Write and edit a book for your clients

If you follow my advice and recommendations, you probably already have a Content Marketing strategy in place. For your New Year wishes, you could write content specifically dedicated to your customers. This content would be the epitome of your professional expertiseAn article (or white paper) that is both very useful, relevant for your customers and written in the spirit of the end of the year celebrations.

With a layout including references to your f

This content will of course have to be made exclusive, at least for 2 or 3 months: Send it first in PDF format to your customers or better with Pakistan Phone Number List dedicated online access (with a password), Or why not mix the traditional world and the Web, by sending a very beautiful postal mail to your customers, including the first 2 pages of the content dedicated to them. With a web link to download the suite.

Another content idea is to create a calendar for the coming year

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Personalize a calendar with your graphic charter and your event dates. Then send it to your most loyal customers first.

And if it hits the mark, your customers will use it all year round and remember your business top of mind all year round.

This is one of the easiest to implement Happy New Year marketing ideas that helps you increase your brand awareness.

With Amazon these days, it’s quite simple to create an online book.

Moreover, a few years ago, Trad On Line, a translation UK Email Database company, had a book written and edited, which it had sent to many of its clients.

The book was called “  The World in Words  ”. It involved 50 translators from all over the world, each of whom spoke about their country in a dedicated chapter.

The book was published within days through Amazon Publishing , then made available in print or ebook format, for the general public.

And the clients of the translation agency had received the book free of charge as an end-of-year gift!

This is an innovative content strategy, relevant to the company’s activity and which must have greatly pleased customers.


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