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If the customer has to wait longer, the system should offer him a call back at a time convenient for him. Today, a client of the tourism industry expects to be serv at any time and that the consultant serv him will know his habits, preferences, financial capabilities and history of previous holidays – and will select the offer accordly. – says Tomasz Paprocki, corporate sales expert at Focus Telecom Polska. A morn office must have its own database that collects information about all previous experiences of individual clients: what offers did Mr. Kowalski ask about, did he use any was he satisfi whether he is interest in individual, double or family trips, whether you prefer plane, bus or other means of transport, whether he prefers all inclusive.

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Information and forc the customer to present their expectations every time is the shortest way to lose him. Hassle free phone We mention trouble-free and telephone – these two terms seem to be mutually exclusive: to call a travel agency, a potential Israel Mobile Number List customer has to go to the “Contact” page, find the number, dial it on the phone (make a mistake along the way) and wait in line. People simply do not want to – they are us to be fought for, they expect answers to their questions immiately and effortlessly. If the contact seems to them too difficult or long-last, they will go to look at other offers. At the competition. A new solution such as.

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Such a customer – it eliminates the effort and promises immiate contact, even in a dozen or so seconds. It is enough for the customer to enter his phone number and the system will immiately call him and connect him with a consultant. It UK Email Database works – after install SiteCall, one of our clients doubl the number of contacts obtain from the website in less than a month. Can a consultant know everyth? A rhetorical question, but at the same time indicat the difficulties that agents in many travel agencies in Poland still face when their role is to answer queries regard both leisure for seniors in hotel complexes in Egypt, summer camps for children on the Baltic Sea, as well as individually plann trips wd.

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