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This is done with the help of special robots whose task is to  content . Articles post on the blog support the saturation of the site with long tail keywords The phrases “long tail” are us to define detail inquiries of potential buyers , which they enter into the Google search engine (for example, for the phrase “women’s belt”, the long tail will be “brown leather women’s belt”). Don’t underestimate the potential of these types of queries. Perform a phrase analysis for your industry (the level of complexity the base of long tails is different for each), then, through appropriate optimization of entries, collect as many keywords of this type as possible.

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Secondly Google rewards sites with fis blog entry is a new subpage, regularity in posting them will make the search engine perceive your website as a constantly developing website. This matters for classification in Google results. Thirdly, thanks New Zealand Phone Numbers List to the company blog, you will strengthen internal linking , which also affects the position of your website in search results. Placing links in articles to other, thematically relat content, as well as to the products or services offer, increases the chance that not only recipients, but also Google robots will get to know them. Using these types of treatments increases the value of a given ling page in the evaluation of algorithms, thanks to which you will advance in search results.

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You will create the image of an expert A company blog is not only an opportunity to increase competitiveness in search results. In addition, by touching on important topics in your industry, you build the image of an expert in a given field.Perhaps UK Email Database you will decide that you care more about actions that will ensure real sales than creating an image. However, in order to finalize the purchase of a product or service, in most cases a foundation in the form of customer trust in the br is necessary. A blog is a great place to present your expertise extensive knowlge in a given area. In addition, it will also be valuable to inform in entries about the history of the company, its mission, successes – the possibilities are countless.

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