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Think about what you want to learn from your customers and how you want to acquire and use this knowledge . If you answer the question “why?” Only then can you start planning your action. But before that, consir whether the knowledge you think you need from the client can be obtained in other ways . If so, then you don’t need a survey at all. Problem solved! It does not pay to conduct a survey by force then you discourage your recipients and weaken the possibility of obtaining knowledge from your customers when you really need it. Step two to whom? First of all, think about who will really be the recipient of your survey , . who can provi you with the data that interests you.

Segment your customer base and group

The addressees new customers are able to give you completely different feedback than, for example, regular customers. So if you have a survey tailored to a specific group, make sure it’s not sent to recipients outsi of that group . This only Namibia Mobile Number List causes impatience of the recipients and negatively affects the credibility of the data. According to research, the best results are obtained from surveys that were sent shortly after the visitpurchase . Step three how? When you edit a survey, make sure it is clear and clearly word . Avoid industry jargon unless you know your customers use it, stay neutral don’t ask questions that suggest an answer . Limit the length of the survey if you don’t want to completely discourage your audience let it be a maximum of questions.

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Who would like to answer more

The entire survey should not take more than minutes to complete. Otherwise, you’ll get far fewer completed returns than you expect. If you use questions with a rating scale limit its range a rating from or from is the maximum. The broar scale is UK Email Database discouraging and doesn’t give you a clear answer. Because what is the difference between and on a tenpoint scale? Don’t use questions that require a “yes” or “no” answer . They do not have great cognitive value. Similarly with questions to which you can choose the answer from several. The most qualitative for you will be multiplechoice or openend questions (but don’t ask too many of the latter or you won’t get an answer.

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