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The terms of goods acceptance should describe in as much detail as possible the process from placing an order to accepting it. Availability of other details mentioning additional services would not be superfluous. Among them worth mentioning are the initial fitting of shoes and clothes; climbing on the floor; the delivery of oversized goods; especially when assembling assembled furniture; connecting e.g. electronics or household appliances. Questions and Answers Various questions may arise during the delivery process. The courier is not available or does not call.

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Try to describe the most common problem situations and give answers to frequently asked questions in the section. This will reduce the burden on call centers. Promotional database materials On the delivery page it is worth placing information about the advantages and differences of the promotion time from competitors. This helps to grab the attention of potential customers.

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Shipping rules usually describe the terms of delivery very succinctly. Conflicts inevitably arise when any failure occurs. Customers began to demand compensation UK Email Database and sellers tried to solve the problem according to the situation. This approach is acceptable for small online stores. But as the scale of the event increases, it pays to clearly regulate the delivery conditions. At the same time, they constitute a set of rules that specify the rights and obligations of translators, senders, and recipients in detail. In fact, it is necessary to accept the public quotation when placing an order.

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