What are the steps to follow to estimate the degree of maturity of your leads

And yet this is not one of the priorities of many WordPress themes… In reality, the security of a WordPress site is not visually measurable (it is not because a site is ugly, or that it is not in HTTPS, that it is not secure) . According to BDM , there are at least 5 types of flaws in a WordPress site: You simply avoid existing flaws, present in many themes and plugins… You have to be careful ! For the security of your own WordPress theme, I recommend the Word Fence plugin which is very professional, with regular updates.

Word Fence is constantly discovering new

vulnerabilities in WordPress core, plugins and themes. It warns you in case of attacks and protects your files during installation. In addition, the basic version is even free.

5. Optimize the loading time of your pages
Optimizing the loading time of your WordPress Algeria Phone Number List site is important to improve the user experience. Indeed, your visitors do not appreciate waiting for your website to load.

And if that happens, they may leave your site (and never come back…). This is why optimizing your loading time is essential.

In the majority of WordPress themes

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CSS and JS files are loaded when they shouldn’t be.

I am thinking for example of:

jQuery which is loaded on every page, even if not used,
Or to too many CSS files present in UK Email Database builders like Elementor, Bakery, Visual Composer…
By creating your WordPress theme, you will upload files only when necessary. And in this way, you are sure that the loading time of your pages is optimized.

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