Extend turnaround time or growing

Recently the Polish version of Amazon and the Singaporean Shopee platform premier, we are also more and more willing to shop on the Chinese AliExpress. The native Allegro platform is also taking part in this trend, opening up to sellers from outsi the country. The emergence of new Polish sales platforms, such as Erli, is also significant. As we read in Cross borr ecommerce. Opportunity or challenge?” of overseas buyers make a purchase at least once a month. It is therefore worth consiring how to overcome logistical challenges and start offering products also on foreign markets.

Livery time as a challenge for ecommerce

Fast livery time is a significant competitive advantage. The world’s largest players on the market know this, and thus it can be a serious challenge in foreign tra. However, the current panmic situation in the country means that we also see on Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List our market how important the livery time has an impact on sales results. More and more companies, following in the footsteps of the American Amazon, offer samay livery. Mirosław Gral, a partner at Last Mile Experts, a consulting company specializing in ecommerce, pricts that the importance of samay livery will grow even faster than before. First of all, the panmic, which increases consumer activity online, will contribute to this.

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Secondly further restrictions and limit

Availability of stationary stores caus by the panmic. Thirdly, and this is perhaps one of the most important reasons, customer satisfaction. An increasing number of sellers appreciate the digital distribution channel and are racing to keep UK Email Database their existing customers “offline”, take them over from the competition and attract new ones who are just starting their adventure with ecommerce. And as many reports, publications and our own experience show, online shopping complet with the closing of the basket with a high level of customer satisfaction is a recipe for success says Gral. Organization of handling customer requests in the era of a panmic The impact of the coronavirus panmic on the ecommerce market is, and will be next year, consirable.

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