Find Sponsor Search On Lazada Seller Center

Sponsorship Search can be found in your Seller Center dashboard. Once logged in, click Sponsored Solutions. Just below that, select Find Sponsors.

Lazada Paid Search – Complete Guide

If this is the first time you’ve opened Sponsored Search, you’ll be asked to accept the T&Cs. Click Start Lazada Sponsorship Solution Now.

Lazada Paid Search – Complete Guide

Select Create Your First Search Campaign.

Lazada Paid Search – Complete Guide

To set up your first Sponsored Search campaign, enter a campaign name. You’ll also need to provide a daily budget and start and end dates. To continue, click Select Product. You can select up to five products that database you want to promote and then click Confirm.

Here are some suggestions with regards to choosing a product:

New Arrivals
Trending products
Stocked SKUs
Lazada Paid Search – Complete Guide

The next thing is to add keywords for the campaign. We recommend that you do keyword research first before adding keywords. Check out our article on keyword research best practices to learn how to do this most effectively.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to consider these criteria for keyword selection:

Bid price
Given that you’ll be asked to enter your bid price after creating your Sponsored Search campaign, it’s important to include this in your keyword research. You need to make sure that the CPC is low enough to make it a reasonable marketing expense.

High keyword relevance


Highly relevant keywords win more auctions in your campaigns. This basically means that your product is relevant to the search terms that customers are looking for.

High search volume
Greater search volume will result in increased sponsored product impressions.

Doing thorough keyword research will UK Email Database also help you with the next step which is adding a bid price. Note that Lazada will recommend your desired bid price, but you can also adjust the price to your liking.

Adding More Keywords To The Same Product

Click + More Keywords. Type in the keywords you have in mind. Select the keywords you want to bid on. Review / edit bid prices. Click Submit to apply changes.

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