The right functionalities first of all

Increas conversion – callback guarantees % increase in conversion to the hotline. Collect leads outsi work hours – visitors to your website, at night, can leave a contact that your consultants will be able to call back the next day. Professionalization of services is a must have in every company. High-quality customer service unniably increases the company’s profits. And yet customers of call and contact centers still complain about lateness, lack of flexibility and incompetence of consultants. On the other hand, consultants do not achieve the assum goals and cannot improve the quality of their work, because they are al with outdat systems that force them to perform time-consum procures and make it impossible to organize requests.

The quality of services and the company

Image suffer from this , and as a result, customers leave , profits fall , and call center employees rotate . Improv the quality of service certainly requires investments , for which not every company is prepar. We are talk here not only about costs, but also Bulgaria Mobile Number List about the ne for restructur . In addition, it is worth mention that about % of consumers can become loyal customers primarily thanks to a positive experience with the service team. A similar percentage say that poor service is the reason for resign from the services or products of a given company. Customers usually rate the worst for the long wait time for contact with the consultant and poor organization of support.

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This can affect the results

The company, which is why they are increasly putt customers in the center of attention. And they start with system changes – reorganization of internal structures for the implementation of new technologies that will help achieve higher scores in Customer UK Email Database Experience. A change in management Professionalization of call and contact center services should inclu internal reorganization of work , chang the HR policy, focus on profitable ventures, and above all, choos a professional project management tool .” – says Cezary Małuj, Presint of the Management Board of Focus Telecom, a lear in the field of build professional telecommunications systems in enterprises.

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