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Sample account structure: Google Ads account Campaign type (optional) e.g. Search campaigns Campaign type (optional)Display network campaigns Campaign Campaign Campaign Ad group Ad group Ad group Ad group Ad group advertisement advertisement advertisement advertisement advertisement Key word Key word Key word Recipients Demographics Customizing the view of the Google Ads panel The data you analyze at each level of your account is in the columns with headings: Not all columns relevant to you will be visible immiately. You must learn to customize your view of the data to perform analytics tailor to your nes. Below I’ll show you where the columns are adjust.

Select the Modify columns option

Click the Columns icon Then, from the drop-down menu,  You will see the column modification screen. The data is segment into categories, which makes it easier for us to navigate the itor. To select the data to display, exp the category use the checkbox next Dubai Phone Number List to the specific column name. The select column will be add to the menu on the right. In this menu, you can organize the order in which information is display. I will discuss some of the metrics later in this article, but I encourage you to spend a few minutes reviewing the options available. Press Apply when finish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Depending on the, you will have to focus on specific metrics to analyze.

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 Goals that the campaign will pursue

However before you get to that, you ne to with some basic metrics that are important regardless of your purpose. Below is a list of metrics with brief explanations that you should observe underst: Impressions An impression is charg each time your ad UK Email Database appears on Google networks. Impressions show how often people see your ad. Lack of impressions or a low number of impressions may be caus by, for example, too low a price per click (CPC) or impression (CPM), low daily budget, a large number of combinations of ad targeting, too low potential of keywords or a low Quality Score For search network.Over time.

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