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The increase in the number of customers and inquiries in the B C segment is a real challenge for every Customer Service Office . Typically. This process is accompani by the follow problems: sales: loss of current and potential customers due to too slow, incorrect service (or no service at all) market: increase in. Customer dissatisfaction and negative opinions about the company HR: the ne to employ and train new BOK consultants and the increase in. Dissatisfaction of current employees with work conditions procural: extend the adlines for settl case or exce these adlines ( complaints) organizational: the ne to rent and equip a larger office It may seem strange, but almost every BOK struggles with the above challenges, regardless of the size of the company or the industry in which the company operates.

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Employment and look for a larger office, let’s think about how to help current consultants in their work, everyday processes, so that they can focus on the right goal – that is, “solv the client’s problem”. Why? – because it is the customer who should USA Phone Number List always be in the center” of sign all processes in your company. What is a ticket system anyway ? It is an application for register and handl all kinds of customer requests – orrs, complaints, problems. It is worth not that the best systems offer support for requests from many communication channels, such as: email, SMS, telephone, Chat, web form.

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Project run by the consultant until it is resolv within a pretermin adline. Who is this system intend for? The ticket system is perfect for online stores, service provirs ( telecommunications, cable TV, gas, electricity, etc.), mical facilities, travel agencies UK Email Database or companies offer service of their products. He will also be irreplaceable in the efficient and timely handl of complaints, regardless of the industry. How will the system solve my problems at BOK? Let’s try to scribe the main functionalities along with direct benefits.

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