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What are the benefits of such an investment? . Homepage » Blog » Contact Center in the financial industry. What are the benefits of such an investment? , you certainly know what the effective sale of loans or other financial products is all about. The question is: what does the process of communication with the client look like? In today’s article, we will tell you how to change a cell sheet in Excel into professional system solutions that will optimize your work increase the level of sales. What will we target? spe of response to attempts to contact customers/potential customers, knowlge about the client / about the history of his contacts with our company, multi-channel contacts, reporting effects sources of contacts, recordings of conversations with our clients.

Working in the financial industry

Benefits of investing in a contact center system in the financial industry Benefit #1: Higher number of records call A typical problem of the financial industry is the low efficiency of calling potential customers, which results from the base specificity List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers of the industry itself. The average callback rate per 100 records is about 20%, it’s all mainly due to unavailable or inactive numbers, which can be really many in our database. How to fix it? Thanks to, among others HLR option , which eliminates inactive, unavailable, busy numbers from the database. HLR available in contact center systems will quickly check the status of the GSM number at the moment will help us termine which numbers from the database are worth calling at all.

Phone Number List

In this way we can quickly because

Automatically easily increase the efficiency of calling by at least 20%. Another advantage is that the system automatically tects voicemail – the employee does not have to waste time on calls to customers with whom he would not talk anyway. What UK Email Database also significantly helps to reach potential customers is the possibility of presenting a different phone number. Benefit #2: Reaching customers through multiple channels, using one system A contact center, as the name suggests, is a contact center, in this case, between a company its customers. The system connecting all sources of contact helps to create personaliz outgoing campaigns, which we can organize quickly easily using it.

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