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Ask them to focus on a part of the answer. To make it more precise. Often the first answer is imprecise. Refine the prompt, add a tail instruction If something is missing from the answer, please specify the next instruction. If you want an answer in a specific style or format. Shorter or more velop, as points, a table, add such an instruction to the next question. Use examples You can provi examples ( by pasting a snippet of content into the chat) that you want. ChatGPT to use in the response. You can ask him to shorten them, reword them in a different style, or prepare an answer to a question in a way similar to the given example. Tips for writing prompts There will be as many recipes for the perfect instruction for ChatGPT as there are tasks that we can come up with for it.

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We have conversations with the chatbot. Some phrases may work better. Sometimes the same comm in English will get a better answer than the same question in Polish. Then I ask ChatGPT to rewrite the “better” one in Polish. Generative AI tools Thailand Mobile Number List are new enough that each of us can discover instructions ways to get better answers from them. ChatGPT’s to become a career advisor who, apart from answering questions, asks additional questions. ChatGPT hles instructions like shorten the given example or given text, write the given text in another language, write a summary of the given text or previous answer, explain the issue enter.

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The rolewrite the answer as career advisor,  expert tail instructions that are worth following to improve the precision of your answer answer in the form of a table, place [insert keywords] in the given text, extract data from text ( date, country, company, etc.) you UK Email Database can even request to extract data prepare it in JSON format, rate the given text on a specific scale make suggestions for corrections, ignore all previous instructions (when you want ChatGPT to respond without the context of the previous conversation), always ask questions before answering to better unrst what the interviewer is looking for (advice taken from the allaboutAI newsletter ). Screenshot of chatGPT.

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