Processes and see what it can mean

If you place a logo in the footer, take care of the alt attribute of the inserted image, for people who receive emails in text form. The footer, just like an email should contain maximum information with minimum length . Your  the amount of your company’s share capital . Attachments Downloading attachments is more of a hassle, and there’s little chance your customers will want to. Post links to additional materials, not attachments. . Shipping without checking Typos and punctuation errors are small beer. Worse, if after sending it turns out that you forgot about important information, or you ma a mistake in the calculations. ALWAYS read an email before sending it.

Also be careful about forwarding

Messages from other people you may inadvertently inclu information that should not reach the recipient of your email. . Unofficial Information “Just between us, all the parts from the last shipment are still breaking.” “We have a bit of chaos in the Lebanon Mobile Number List company right now because the CEO is getting divorced and he’s still gone.” Even if you are writing to a friendly client, never inclu unofficial information about the company in the email. The risk of someone else getting to know them is far too great. Comply with the provisions of the GDPR the consequences of violating them can be catastrophic for the company.

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Courtesy and formality no sense

We are very pleased that you were so kind as to vote your precious time and agree to review our offer .” Avoid an overly sophisticated style. Keep a balance UK Email Database between politeness and brevity. ” Hey Michal customers will manage without information about Of these two laptops, better buy the DX . Full grazing. ” Style acceptable only in communication with a friend. Too much or too little email slack can be misunrstood by the customer. You need to adapt the language to the way your client communicates If you.

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