He prefers a personaliz sales offer

The above case study of Skoda Grupa Auto Wimar, market lears have already cid to change the processes in car alerships, which will improve communication with the customer at various levels. They cid to take care of the organization of communication and quick response to customer nes. This is how they fought for the effectiveness of sales and the quality of customer service and protect themselves against the consequences of the crisis. It is finitely worth taking up this challenge. Most online stores that sell products not only on their own, but also via other platforms, make it easier to handle orrs using the Baselinker system. But what about customer knowlge? Baselinker is a tool that allows you to handle orrs from all stores in one place.

However the experience of many

Online stores shows that they lack knowlge organiz not only with orrs, but above all with customer data. Knowlge about the customer is the basis of good service , especially if we want to maintain relationships with existing customers. Do you know this Finland Mobile Number List story from anywhere? Let’s imagine this ordinary situation: a customer calls our store with an inquiry about his orr. Already in the first step, when we answer the phone, we do not know who we are aling with. The client must introduce himself and scribe his case. We have to ask him for the data, the name of the store where the orr was plac and – finally (what customers dislike the most) – the orr number. and we can effectively search our database only after.

Phone Number List

Ollecting the necessary information

But what if the customer orr several items from our different stores and his problem is more complex? We are unable to quickly trace all his orrs, we do UK Email Database not see them in one place. Time goes by and the client gets impatient more and more Will it come back to us if we can’t handle it quickly and efficiently? Maybe yes, but will he recommend us to others? Will he give us a positive evaluation? In this situation, you can see how much we may miss the history of orrs assign to a specific person in our daily work.

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