Use one property for each user base

To optimize your configuration, I give you some practical advice, including recommendations specific to GA4 compared to Universal Analytics. A property represents data from a user base. If data should generally be analyzed together, group it together in a single property.

The data stream is the source of data for an application or website. Google recommends creating no more than 3 data feeds per property. This way, you clearly separate data and configurations between different websites or applications.

Use configuration templates

GA4 offers pre-defined configuration templates for certain types of properties: online store (e-commerce), mobile application, etc. Start Australia Phone Number List from these models to benefit from an optimized initial configuration and options adapted to this type of data source. Use GA4’s advanced features to set up goals and conversions specific to your business needs. Use events, user actions, and conversion paths to effectively measure all interactions with your site or app.

Explore advanced analytics features

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GA4 offers advanced features like cohort analysis, audience segments, and using artificial intelligence for actionable insights. Explore these features to UK Email Database gain deep insights into user behavior and make informed decisions. Especially in the beginning, make sure that data collection is going well by regularly reviewing your reports and data. By enabling debug mode, identify any tracking errors or technical issues and take action to resolve them. do not hesitate to consult the official documentation of Google Analytics  for additional information.


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