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Which a team of agents will call the base and collect additional information current for today regarding their willingness to buy or use the company’s services. During the entire process, it is important not to close the sale, but to optimize the contact database. This is what the whole next step of the scrib actions will be about. Updating data, obtaining additional information (such as, for example, changing preferences, veloping the client’s company or changing positions that will affect cisions to use our services) are extremely important tails that may affect the success of the entire campaign . The more additional information there is in our database, the more effective your outbound campaign will be.

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The lower the cost of such a campaign will be. Optimization of the customer contact database The ongoing optimization of the contact base during the entire process consists in making cisions that are the best consiring the effectiveness of the Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List current campaign. What does it mean? As an example, let’s take an outbound campaign that targets our entire base. If during the ringing it turns out that the select group is the most willing to talk about the product or service offer, we can direct our activities to this group in particular. How to do it? Focus your efforts on this group, assign the bestsuit agents to call it, or simply give it a higher priority.

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I accept the rules and content Privacyand Website Regulations customer base easier and significantly spe up the whole process? Using miniCRM this tool offer by Focus Telecom will help classify records/contacts to customers, as well as UK Email Database organize the database according to specific criteria. MiniCRM is an element of the Focus Contact Center system in it we can prepare not only a database of contacts, but also a comprehensive database of knowlge about customers. The system collects all the knowlge acquir by our consultants so far, information provid by customers at the lead acquisition stage and the history of interaction with the customer. Thanks to the customer base prepar in this way, we can create.

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