Do market research for your pop-up store

Your communication campaigns must be deployed several weeks before your pop-up is held, but also throughout the duration of the event. So set up a marketing calendar and plan all the actions to be taken. As an entrepreneur of an online store, your strength lies in mastering Digital Marketing. You certainly have all the means to perform these actions: All ideas are good to take to promote your ephemeral shop.

Double up with local communication in the field

However, when moving from digital to physical, test new communication channels:  A poster campaign near your future point of sale, Street Germany Phone Number List Marketing with a distribution of flyers in the surroundings, Advertisements in local newspapers…

As on the Internet, your greatest asset is word of mouth .Think about how to activate this channel by asking yourself this question: why would your customers talk about you to those around them? If you succeed in answering them, you will be able to expand the reach of your communications.

Encourage word of mouth

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Here is an avenue to explore: offer an exceptional experience to your customers, you will be talked about. In any case, choose your communications according to your target. As with your e-commerce site, if your target is young, consider communicating UK Email Database on Snapchat or Tikor. If your clientele is older, favor Facebook or paper newspapers… Audrey: thank you Arthur for all these recommendations on a project to open a Popup Store. I take the liberty of adding that it is often necessary to also invest in an original universe and decoration.


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