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After initially evaluating your product, consumers start  to find out how reliable your website is. It’s not easy to trust a new company when money is involv. The new user does not know how good your company is what reputation it enjoys. So proudly display reviews of your product or services that you have obtain from your clients or partners Did a website mention your br? Great! Post this information in a visible place. Showcase your awards, recommendations, certifications, quality scores industry affiliations Secure your site display security seals This builds the trust of users, thanks to which they are not afraid of connecting a crit card providing personal data.

Convert users into subscribers with purchase

Potential Despite all your efforts, sometimes a user may want to leave your site. This is not always a sign of an error on the site, it may be due to personal reasons – they just had to leave the site at the moment. Now you have two choices: you can let them Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List go or convert them to a subscriber. Most sites ask users for an email address It allows them to stay in touch with the user by sending them relevant offers ultimately converting them into paying customers. There is also another solution. You can also show a last minute discount using the exit intent popup. But keep in mind that if the user decides not to take up the offer, they can just close the window never come back.

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Combining an exit offer with subscription

Form gives visitors a chance to stay connect! Make a personaliz offer to the user Often also engag users can leave the site without taking any action. This is most common with blog posts An Internet user click on a link to your article, found what he want, left. However UK Email Database that doesn’t mean the content wasn’t good enough. It’s the normal course of things. Nevertheless, it does not help in increasing the conversion rate. So what to do in such a situation? Present the best offer to the user For example, if it’s a cooking blog, it’s worth encouraging people to buy a cookbook. If, in turn, it is an expert blog about the world of marketing – suggest reading the latest article or present the topics of articles that are thematically similar to the material with which he has just read.

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