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Writing a company blog, commissioning the preparation of product descriptions for the store – an SEO agency or an interactive agency. An interactive agency, although as we mention, this type of service is also available in our SEO agency. Creating a brand marketing strategy – marketing agency. Creation of leaflets, brochures, catalogs and design of the stand for the fair – advertising agency.  It is relatively easy to implement the time stamping of page JavaScript embd points, which is similar to the timestamp record by Performance Timing. We can record the timestamp when the JavaScript code starts to execute, and then bury the timestamp at the end of the record in the place that nes to be record, and finally calculate by the difference value.

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A period of time during which HTML parsing or JavaScript parsing is perform. In order to facilitate the operation, you can record the timestamps of the start and end of an operation into an array, and then analyze the interval between the Australia Cell Phone Number List arrays to get the execution time of each step. Let’s take a look at an example of time point recording and analysis. This method is often us in mobile pages, because the HTML parsing and JavaScript execution of mobile browsers are relatively slow. Usually, for performance optimization, we ne to find the time-consuming operation of executing JavaScript in the page.

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If the execution process of key JavaScript is carri out By burying the timing and reporting it, you can easily find out where JavaScript execution is slow and optimize it accordingly. Resource loading sequence diagram We can also use the resource UK Email Database loading sequence diagram of the browser or other tools to help analyze performance problems during page resource loading. This method can macro-analyze the time-consuming and loading sequence of all resource file requests of the browser in a coarse-grain manner, such as ensuring that key resources such as CSS and data requests are load first, and JavaScript files and non-critical images in the page are load later. 


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