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It is important to determine the value of the product. Step Define the target audience narrow it down The more people the more difficult it is to develop an application. There are many opinions portraits of clients. As a result the development process can be significantly delay increase in cost. Therefore it is necessary to carefully consider what the target audience looks like narrow it down to the minimum size. The main mistake in MVP development is on the contrary to exp the audience. It looks like more people will use the app. Maybe but not at the MVP stage. Our task is to test the product evaluate its prospects underst how to promote it further.

Collect information study the statistics

Step Analyze Your Competitors If you think that you have come up with a unique product it is exclusive you are probably wrong. Surely you already have competitors who are working. The challenge is to take a primitive idea develop it into an exclusive format. of competitors become their client in order to evaluate the quality features of the work. Analytics will Oman Phone Number List help to underst the strengths weaknesses assess the prospects make a product that will st out from the others. Step Do a SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis is the identification of strengths weaknesses. It is important to underst the threats risks opportunities direction of development. When designing an MVP both strengths weaknesses should be consider.

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Minimize the occurrence of weaknesses

The challenge is to focus on strengths . Step Define the User Journey Map A user journey map is a specific route that a client takes while interacting with an application. In MVP it is very important to build the correct step-by-step path for the client UK Email Database so that each time he moves to a new step gradually gets to the main goal. Step Make a Priority List of Features When the functionality is approximately clear it is necessary to describe it in more detail underst what specific functions are ne. this is the hardest part for developers. Therefore the priority grading method is us. Its essence is to determine the list of features necessary for the development of an MVP then prioritize them in descending order.

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