Data Privacy & Conflict Of Interest

From looking at SELLinAll’s current monetization strategy, there doesn’t appear to be any significant issues with seller account data usage.

SELLinAll do offer sales services but there is no evidence that they are selling themselves or are incentivized in any way to use independent customer data to grow their own sales. The services offered are focused on helping brands and sellers grow their revenue (which, in turn, results in increased revenue for SELLinAll as their pricing model is based on a % of revenue). So it seems a true win-win in terms of incentive alignment. Score: A


API Integration Score

Looking at all the integrations, you Latest Mailing Database can see that SELLinAll performs well with this evaluation criteria. Their site mentions more integrations coming soon in Southeast Asia and given the size of their team and experience I think it’s pretty safe to assume that they’re going to get better and better in the coming quarters.

SELLinAll offers 3 tiers of pricing: 1) Basic – The basic plan is free but limits the number of SKUs, features and channel integrations allowed. 2) Premium – If you sign up for a premium plan, SELLinALL gives access to most features and all channel integrations for 5-7% of sales revenue 3) Extended – Extended plans provide additional services such as customer care and logistics services to brands and sellers with a hefty fee of 20% (or more) Overall, their pricing model is quite attractive to small sellers just starting out but once you start to scale it can get a bit pricey. Score: C+

2. MergeSell

Latest Mailing Database

Therefore,  Founded in 2017, CombineSell’s stated mission is to enable business owners to unlock the full potential of their online business by leveraging multi-channel e-commerce. They simplify the multi-channel e-commerce sales process by aggregating popular online marketplaces into a single platform.Employees: 18 employees in Singapore and Malaysia Subscriptions Claimed: From June 2017 launch to October 2019 acquisition by Shopmatic – Combinesell claimed registrations from 8,000 merchants in Singapore and Malaysia. As of October 2019, Shopmatic claims 250,000 (!) customers so it’s pretty safe to UK Email Database assume that several hundred thousand customers use CombineSell’s software. In recent media , Shopmatic claims >400,000 SME(!) in their network. Notable Brand Clients: Design & Comfort, Surfers Paradise, Stefano Ricci, Ogawa, Maxcoil, Toyogo, Natural Healings

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