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Whether sensitive content is exclud; Are inefficient. Placements exclud; Do you know that of audit Google Ads accounts have no mobile app exclusions in GDN campaigns. The budget is spent mostly on accidental clicks, from games for children. You want to operate effectively in the advertising network – exclude mobile applications or move them to a separate campaign. Step – Check your account automations. In order to facilitate the operation of the advertising account, Google allows you to create automations that are not always correctly us by panel users. At this stage, check Whether Google Ads auto-apply recommendations are turn off in your Google Ads account.

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Will be tailor to your nes relevant; Automatic. Recommendations in Google Ads Check if you have turn off automatic Google Ads recommendations – Panel There are no old rules or scripts running in the account that may make unwant changes to Portugal Phone Number List campaigns; Whether auto-tagging data transfer is enabl ; Do you know that Automatic recommendations can have different effects. For example, giving Google the freom to remove rundant keywords won’t have the same effect as changing your keyword match type or switching to an automat bid strategy. Step – Check Shopping campaigns. If you sell use dicat product campaigns, be sure to check Have all products in your.

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The Google approval process; Whether. Remarketing has been set up correctly; Are all content in the ad supplement in Smart Shopping campaigns; Do you know that Most audit Google Ads accounts do not optimize Smart Shopping campaigns for UK Email Database ROAS (return on ad spend). This results in not using the full potential of this type of advertising format, as a result, not working out the goal that the campaign is to achieve. In a Shopping campaign, you don’t choose the keywords after which your ad appears. Make sure that the product fe is correct so that later in the campaign you can build a structure that is easy to optimize for ROAS. Summary The Google Ads account should be audit periodically, at least once a month.

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