Multi channel communication process

Focus sk shows both the employee and the supervisor information about the approaching adline for a given action (or possibly exceing it). Full customer contact history Focus sk automatically registers notifications from Nextbike customers from all company communication channels. After registration, new requests are visible to all service sk employees. Automation is essential in mass customer service: the system is able to perform all the necessary actions, such as tection, intification and rirection, in a fraction of a second. Thanks to this, employees receive an already filter request and can focus on solving it, instead of wasting time on technical aspects.

When one of the employees starts to handle

The request, it is no longer available to others. The employee enters key information regarding the notification into the system ( whether it is an inquiry or a complaint, how quickly it must be handl, etc.). This makes it easy to monitor its List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu operation. When a certain adline is approaching, information about it is visible to both the employee and his supervisor. What’s more – the supervisor has constant access to information about the quality and efficiency of consultants’ work, about the number of answers provid on a given day. Focus sk also allows you to “combine tickets”. It happens that in one case cyclists first send e-mails and then call the office.

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Thanks to the access to the ticket history

The consultant sees that a given client already has one open ticket, so he can easily see that it concerns the same issue and combines both tickets. This feature prevents two requests from being handl separately instead of one. EFFECT: Faster and UK Email Database more effective mass customer service Focus sk ma it possible to shorten the average time of handling requests and completely eliminate major lays. Thus, it ruc the average cost of service per customer, as well as increas the satisfaction of customers who are professionally and quickly serv. Anna Barcikowska, Manager of the Nextbike Polska Customer Service Office % increase in the number of cases clos in less than hours.

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